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While Penny was raising their four children, Bob worked in the corporate world for 20 years and became President and CEO of a major, publicly held, transportation company. Afterwards, we decided to leave the hustle and bustle of New Jersey and move to Vermont where we became entrepreneurs in a successful small business. We established an apple orchard, a vegetable farm, a popular country store as well as a multi state mail order operation. Fifteen years later, we “retired” to Florida, where we spent eight years as full time real estate agents. After deciding to be closer to our family, we moved to the Eastern Shore, to continue serving homebuyers and sellers as associates with RE/MAX On The Bay serving Talbot, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne’s and Caroline Counties. Our business experience helped us to develop extensive sales programs using leading edge technology such as websites, e-mail systems, digital photography, virtual tours, and multi-media presentations. Our customers and clients benefit directly from these advanced marketing tools because The Halls can offer unparalleled exposure and attractive promotions for the home seller as well as fulfilling the needs of home buyers

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Chesapeake Bay Area

It all starts with water, not much, just a trickle from a spring or surface water from rain. The trickle joins many more to form a rivulet then a stream or brook, later a creek, perhaps a river, all forms of tributaries which feed into a major body of water – in this case the Chesapeake Bay which is fed by more than 150 rivers and creeks as well as thousands of minor tributaries.

Our bay is an estuary where fresh and tidal salt water mix. It is surrounded by a vast watershed of 64,000 square miles involving five states and the District of Columbia. The 190 mile long Chesapeake supports extraordinary ecosystems that support 3600 species of plants and animals and living in diverse habitats. With 12,000 miles of shore line, it’s no wonder, that the bay attracts more than a million wildfowl a year and hosts a major fish and shellfish industry, notably the blue crabs, oysters and striped bass.

The Chesapeake region provided a unique haven for early habitants, explorers, settlers from Great Britain and the Continent and presently it is a magnet for their many descendants along with thousands of others who are attracted to our “faire shores.”

It is no wonder that this region attracts so many visitors and seasonal home owners. Tidewater residents, both human and wildlife, have long realized that the Mid Shore is one of the finest places in America to call home.


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